Technical videos

Knowledge transfer via video – our technical videos provide you with useful information on our products, such as hands-on fitting instructions and system descriptions.

Using a mini-ammeter

A battery that discharges frequently may indicate that an electronic component has an increased power consumption. Troubleshooting is a difficult and lengthy process. The video shows how the mini-ammeter from Motorservice can make the work easier.

Measure bearing clearances with the KOLBENSCHMIDT PLASTIC GAUGE

The bearing clearance of the crankshaft and connecting rod plays a vital role in ensuring that the engine runs smoothly. With the KOLBENSCHMIDT PLASTIC GAUGE, a thin calibrated plastic strip, it is easy to take precise measurements of the bearing clearance and gap dimensions. Our new video shows the correct way to use the KOLBENSCHMIDT PLASTIC GAUGE strips.

OBD – on-board diagnostics system (Part 2)

Following on from the first part of our series about OBD where we provided an overview of how OBD has developed and its basic operating principle, our new video looks more closely at specific aspects such as the diagnostic trouble code, operating modes and the readiness code.

OBD – on-board diagnostics system (Part 1)

The on-board diagnostics system (OBD for short) monitors all components and systems in the vehicle that are related to exhaust gas.

This first part of a planned series provides an overview of how OBD has developed and its basic operating principle. In the next part we will look more closely at the specific aspects of OBD.

Installation of bearings

During the mounting of plain bearings, several small details can be crucial for the overall result. We show you the most important steps and tests when fitting the bearing shells.

Mercedes-Benz in-tank module

The fuel delivery module and fuel tank sender unit supplied by Motorservice for the Mercedes-Benz CLS and E-Class differ from the components installed by the manufacturer. This video explains the differences and gives useful tips for installation.

Checking air mass sensors

The OBD detects a malfunction, but does not always identify the actual cause. You should first check the old sensor before installing a new air mass sensor based on an error message which points to the air mass sensor as the cause. In this video, we show you how to check conventional, analogue air mass sensors with simple tools such as a voltmeter.

Secondary air system – tips for troubleshooting

Our new video podcast provides tips on troubleshooting.

Secondary air system – basic information

When a petrol engine is cold-started, large quantities of carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons are generated. The secondary air system is the most trusted method of reducing these pollutants.
This podcast shows the construction, operating method and components of the secondary air system. 

Completion of cylinder heads for utility vehicles

In this podcast, you will learn which installation steps and inspections are required when assembling new cylinder heads.

Vacuum pumps – basic information

Vacuum pumps can be found in every diesel vehicle and in many direct injection engines: they create vacuums for brake boosters and many pneumatic devices.

Vacuum pumps - damage from lack of lubricating oil

A worn vacuum pump will not supply sufficient vacuum. Since many vehicle components are operated or controlled by vacuum, this may be experienced as a wide range of malfunctions.

Measurement of piston protrusion

Following reconditioning of the engine block or the crank mechanism, the piston protrusion in diesel engines must be checked. In our new podcast we show you which important points to consider during measurement.

Exchange of the air mass sensor LMS4

Using the BMW 520d as an example, we show you the most important steps and advantages when replacing the air mass sensor installed by the manufacturer with a PIERBURG air mass sensor (type LMS4).

Mounting of piston rings

The mounting of piston rings bears a lot of potential for mistakes. We show you the most important points that need to be considered.

Installation of cylinder liners

We show you the required steps and checks for the installation of wet cylinder liners as well as the correct handling of O-rings.

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